Twenty-Nine Days’ Sort

Clearly I need to do NaNoWriMo this year and get this sorted. Maybe whatever dogs we wind up getting will agree.

– Me, just last month.

We do not have any dogs yet, though we have met several in the past month, as we’ve been settling in here while trying to untangle ourselves from the other house.   If all things go well, we’ll be out before the end of this month. Considering that we spent three hours today at the old house trying to reconnect a dryer vent that had mysteriously come undone between our move and the time the buyer had it inspected … yeah, it’s been like that.

Fortunately, that should all be squared away tomorrow.  One positive outcome of this move is that we’ve begun to be more realistic about what we can accomplish ourselves in the time we have available.  We fought with the dryer vent for three hours.  We swore at it.  We lost blood to it.  We gave up and called in a professional.

Speaking of sorting things, yes, I did sign up for NaNoWriMo this year.  Thanks to work and school and all of the other things I do in and around work and school (e.g. parenting, laundry, gardening, sleep), I won’t have a lot of time for it, but  I think I can do some damage within those chunks of time, as long as I manage to keep them out of the same daily soup bowl as everything else.

Will I fight with this for thirty — er twenty-nine days?  Will I swear at it?  Will I lose blood to it, and eventually give up?

Maybe.    Or maybe not.

Let’s find out, shall we?

I’m tackling a completely new project, rather than trying to make sense out of any of my old ones.  I can’t make up my mind whether it is science fiction, or dog help us all, literary fiction, so I’ll just write until it sorts itself out.

In The Weeds

Current NaNoWriMo Word Count [end of Day 6]: 13,101
Current Work Word Count [end of Day 6]: 13,144

Surprisingly, my despite being in the weeds of a massive work project and in the last two weeks of a networking class (I haven’t been keeping track of the words I’ve written for class), I’ve been keeping up with The Bone Sapling. The plot’s even coming together.

Something must be horribly wrong.

Horribly. Horribly. Wrong.

Things seemed to get easier when I gave up on the idea of having Thanksgiving. My work project’s due that week, and my class finishes that week … and Halloween didn’t turn out so bad after all (left a big bowl of candy on the porch and went to see an early movie with the Monster: the theatre was practically deserted, which was awesome!). So, maybe lowering expectations is going to get me through this without going insane.

My having removed the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone might also help.

On that note, I’ve already voted. 🙂

Be safe out there tomorrow.

It’s Like The Devil’s Doom

The original title of this post (when I started it in longhand back on Monday) was “Like a Language I Once Spoke With Ease”, yet another lyric snippet off the Indigo Girls’ Swamp Ophelia1. That was on Monday. On Tuesday, between writing sessions #1 and #2, the penguins got tired of an entire album’s being rotated on my mental stereo, yanked it, and put John Newman’s “Love Me Again” on repeat.2. It’s not budging, despite multiple meatspace plays, a round of The Backstreet Cure, and a re-watch of Edge of Tomorrow, which is where I first heard the song.

The only rationale I can think of for this is that I’ve been working through multiple romance arcs this week, all doomed, but some more than others.

My “standard” 45 minute writing sessions were anything but standard over the past four days. I grabbed 15 minute chunks at a time (occasionally 20, when I blew past the timer and just had to get something down before I forgot it) when I could grab it. Despite the destandardization, I managed to keep up with word count and still maintain a few points in my SAN pool.

Monday, November 9 – 1,942 (18,000)
“Where is she?”
“Over there.”
“I don’t see her.”
“She doesn’t want to see you.”

Tuesday, November 10 – 1,971 (19,971)
“You’ve done your job. Why are you still around?”

Wednesday, November 11 – 2,608 (22,579)
“Notice where we’re not.”

Thursday, November 12 – 1,861 (24,439)
“Glad the old man didn’t care.”
“Old man? Dad, he’s as old as you.”
“Then maybe I ain’t the same kind of glad now.”

1From “Language or The Kiss”.
2The post title is taken from a bad transcription of the song’s lyrics that I found on the IntarWeb. The actual snippet is is that what devils do?.

Every Thought’s A Possibility

November 6, 2015 – 1,365 (11,022)
“Nothing but the usual Amen Bingo.”

I had an uninterrupted hour on Friday night to do nothing but scrawl story notes on paper. I got through half of those in two sessions on Saturday…

November 7, 2015 – 1,206 (12,228)
“I’d like to do that, but I think it’d be weird.”
“Weird how?”
“Single guy, hanging around kids … at least you can pass as a lesbian.”

November 7, 2015 – 1,287 (13,515)
“You’ll be out of here as soon as you find another wife, right?”

…and finished them up on Sunday.

November 8, 2015 – 2,543 (16,058)
“Our house was the opposite of childproofed.”
“Child friendly?”
“Naturally selective.”

I did promise myself a day of editing when I hit 12,500 words, but I decided to trade it off for skipping the hour’s handwritten prep work on Saturday night. At that point, I still had half of my notes from Friday and a keen desire to get my head out of the story before I started writing scenes like … oh, describing how one of the protagonist’s friends plans her moods around her nail polish. For the record, that’s just an example of the potential nuttiness: the protagonist doesn’t have any friends like that. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve written in any friends for the protagonist. Hrm.

Fueled By Distortions

There is a solution supplied inside
There is a citation given within
Lleva ya un tiempo jugando
Este increíble juego
If that does not perform, then the ball needs to be replaced.
-Today’s #spamadvice

November 3, 2015 – 1,617 (6,711)
“Do not lie to me, or I will destroy you.”

Tuesday night, while I was breaking pencil leads drafting1 (I’m no easier on writing implements than I am on keyboards), the penguins decided to load my mental jukebox with all the tracks from The Indigo Girls’ Swamp Ophelia.  Considering the themes I’m working with, I can’t say as I’m too surprised by their choice of soundtrack.

November 4, 2015 – 1,385 (8,096)
The back door shut quiet, then the screen door slammed. He did not come back.

November 5, 2015 – 1,561 (9,657)
She did the thing she hated the most; she picked up the damn phone.

1 I draft in pencil in the evenings, for whatever amount of time I can spend on this. I key in the draft the next morning during the roughly 45 minutes (15 minutes at a stretch) I am generally able to manage before everything blows up. I really do not want to spend more than that amount of time working on this, because I’m already at the threshold where I want to start editing and polishing previous content instead of pushing forward. I’ve promised myself a day of editing for each 12,500 words — given that I only add words, not delete them.

Inevitable Preventabilities [NaNoWriMo 2014 (Day 1-3)]

Yeah, I’m still trying to do this anyway.

I should figure out the Latin for “Some Consequences Are Predictable…” and “…Others Are Preventable”, and get the sayings tattooed1 on my palms, so they’re fully visible when I smack myself around later this month.2

November Words for Dough: 12,684 (not yet counting today’s)
November Words for Doughnuts (read ‘Doughnuts’ as ‘NaNo’): 5,529

In other news, I’ve had a serious uptick in spam comments lately. I wonder if people are beginning to figure out that I recycle them?

Although there won’t be any miracle remedies
(These include the herbs your mother uses)
It really is necessary being aware
Like a fine tuned antenna capable of
Receiving any frequency from any realm
By sitting and experience.

-The latest #spampoetry

1Like that would happen. I hate needles.
2Parce que cette conséquence? Elle est inévitable.

Cram and Jam

I don’t remember much of May. I had finals the week after I crammed two weeks’ worth of work into a single week (including 24 hours straight through without sleep), and the week after that, I was in Kansas City for a wedding and a graduation, and the week after that, my car was attacked by ducks while I was trying to get to my first Oracle Certification exam, and then it was Memorial Day Weekend, and then I started summer classes and oh, hey, another last minute work project, and … when did June happen?

I also got a rejection notice.  I’m thrilled.   No really.  It means that in all the May Madness, I managed to write and submit something I wanted to write, rather than just everything that needed to be written.

So, that was May.  Summer’s coming.  You may next hear from me in September.