The November Premise

This is not a political blog post. As we’ve discussed:  I don’t do those, because I prefer having one-on-one conversations about such things.  Once again this year, our household is receiving heavy telephone and drop-by survey traffic.

This is probably not my fault.


The general premise of NaNoWriMo is “the world needs your novel”.

Yeeeeaaah.  I’m sure it doesn’t. Not that this certainty has stopped me from participating for several years, out of inertia or … something.1 Even when it has been crazy, I’ve carved out time to hit word counts, and inevitably hated myself because I dropped so many other things on the floor in order to do so, but it was okay!  I had an excuse!  It was November!  I could waste time writing a lot of crap (or telling myself I was editing a pile of crap by spackling a lot of new crap on top of it) and throw it all away on December 1st2 and nobody would think I was weird at all.  Nope, no weird here, no aberrant behavior, everything’s good, it’s all perfectly normal, lalalala.

It is November. It is crazy.

I don’t want an excuse to drop things on the floor.  I genuinely like the idea of having less panic and less self-loathing in my life, so yeah, going to avoid the whole dropping things in November thing.

If I write, I’ll write. If I don’t, that’s good too.3

Happy NaNoing. Be sure to take some time next Tuesday to go vote. Ideally, you have already figured out who is getting your vote, and you have reasons for choosing that candidate that don’t sound an awful lot like a parrot’s reciting the latest Facebooked horror story about the opposing candidate, but … you do you.

1The ‘something’ is likely perceived obligation.  I’m supposed to be writing, so ta-da, look, see, I’m writing something that I can share! Not that I do share it, but theoretically, I could.

2Or early February, because I can’t generally wrap my head around a new year until it’s the Lunar one.

3Admittedly, this philosophical insight was brought to you by this morning’s panicked freak out because it is November 4th, and I haven’t even bothered logging into the NaNoWriMo site, let alone started writing anything.  I went to the gym, and felt better afterwards. I’ll probably feel better still once I post this blog entry, or at least capable of making myself focus on my Statistics homework.


The power went out Sunday afternoon, and with it the sump pump, which resulted in the entire basement’s taking on about four inches of water — though it’s not clear from where, exactly, since the area around the sump itself was bone dry. There’s some suggestion that the back door may have also leaked around the jamb, which will so be a warranty replacement, assuming we can get the builder’s attention.

For the record, we’re two months overdue for our two month walk through, which we were told by the site foreman he would be contacting us about personally when it was time. We haven’t seen the guy at all until this past week, when he stopped us on the street wanting to know why we hadn’t sent in our punch list.

Er? Dude? You said you didn’t want us to send it in!


Anyway, everything’s okay except for the water issue. The sump’s back up and working, so we shouldn’t be getting any more water in while we deal with things — things fortunately being nothing we can’t live without. The carpet’s most likely one of them.

Speaking of drastic housecleaning, I’ve decided to give Nano another run this year. I have other projects looming over my head, oh you betcha, but I’ve been thinking I needed a kick in the creative side of my butt for some months now.

I intend to use my daily word count for Nano as an incentive to put those other projects to bed. It’ll be a ‘here, Shai, if you get x done today, you can write 2k words on something that nobody will ever care about’ type reward.

Yes, really. And yeah, that’s a genuine reward for me. Never claimed to be sane, now did I?

Anyway, I’m there as Nineme if any of you are participating this year and want to commiserate (or swear at me for being infernally cheerful).