Place and Perspective

Along the tumbleweed way
I met someone like me.
He drives, sometimes.
Other times, I do.
For now, our son sits in the back,
Eats raspberries,
And sings along with the radio. 

 Next year, we may all be from here,
And if not, then, well, maybe the year after. 

– excerpt from “I’m from everywhere, man…”, a mandatory  ‘introduce yourself to your fellow classmates in the form of a poem’ assignment, circa 2013ish.

Place and Privilege was the original title of this blog post, but it sounded too much like a  Jane Austen reboot.

In actual news, we’ve moved.  There, I’ve admitted it.

We told as few people as possible that we were planning this (and have been executing it since last year), and since I haven’t mentioned it in any of my once-in-a-blue-moon Facebook posts and I’m 90 percent certain @bhoneydew hasn’t mentioned it on Friends Slack, welcome to the club of folks who might be reading this and saying …whatThey didn’t say anything!

So, why keep it quiet?


The non-crazypants reason was that @bhoneydew’s mother would have put off her knee surgeries if we’d given her the excuse to come help us declutter pre-move.

There were crazypants reasons.  Many.   To sum up, we were wrestling with four of the Five Questions1, and during those times, we tend to shut out the rest of the world so we can catalog, consider, sort, and shred the options we already have.  Go go gadget armadillo, in other shorthand.

We are still in Northern Virginia, and not so far away from where we were, but in considerably different surroundings.  We can see trees through most of our windows instead of houses, and we are again able to see the stars at night.  We have enough land that we need to re-invest in lawn equipment or acquire some goats.  We do not have an HOA, so we could buy some goats, or a horse, or some chickens, but we will probably start with a dog or two (the Monster’s canine request count has been as high as eight). @bhoneydew already has the beginnings of a workshop, and I will have a separate space for all of my gardening stuff as soon as we get all of the random things unpacked out of it and moved somewhere more suitable, or at least somewhere that isn’t my home office.

I have a fantastic home office, even if it too is currently full of random things, including the boxes that hold all of my creative writing references.  I decided to Kondo2 them pre-move, and @bhoneydew decided to hustle them out of my custody and sweep them away to a safe house.3

This aggravated me.  It still does when I think about it, and it’s been months, so it’s definitely my being more aggravated at myself than at him. On the bright side, in the past, it was always easier for me to write when I was low-grade aggravated.4

So, I’m back on the Duolingo wagon.  I’ve started back reading every night.  I’m kicking butt in my new academic program (this term ends in February, and I have already completed all but one class — it’s just October, y’all).   I really like the new house.  The Monster seems to be settling in at his new high school.   I’m gradually gardening (Chloe and Felix live with us at the new house).  I’m doing workouts practically every day simply by hauling and unpacking and figuring out where stuff goes, I’m getting decent amounts of sleep most nights … and I’m low-grade aggravated.  Is it actually because I’m not writing?

I’m genuinely not missing video games, so maybe that’s it.

Clearly I need to do NaNoWriMo this year and get this sorted.  Maybe whatever dogs we wind up getting will agree.

1Shorthand for: Who are you?  What do you want? Why are you here?  Where are you going? The fifth question is Do you have anything worth living for? I think we have that one mostly covered.

2Because I came to the conclusion that they were mocking me every time I dusted them, and my stopping dusting them didn’t stop that, so I figured that described Things That Do Not Bring Me Joy.

3With this move, we had the opportunity to get rid of things that we have just moved from house to house for a decade and a half, in some cases, without ever unpacking them. While we did a cleanout before our move from Pennsylvania, I was stuck doing a lot of it while severely sleep-deprived and trying to keep little Monster from running off into the woods to live with the feral cats, so not much actually got done.

Now that we’re settling into the new house, I’m beginning to realize that the temporary storage unit that (to my bewilderment) @bhoneydew wanted to pack full instead of just putting the garage stuff into — the original stated intent — might have been a strategy to keep me from gleefully getting rid of everything.

4Okay, that is true in the present too, for a different flavor of aggravation.  The folks whom I work with either get chirpy emails that stop short of emojilish or they get a research paper in email form with a stack of reference attachments.

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