Not Yet On The Sidelines

Your child’s actual inquisition and grit
May only seem rhythmical at the end of the process
However, if the uptake angle is too salutary and likewise advantageous…
Our approbation for parents is to try to get at least one hour a day of strain

— #spamadvice aggregated from last week.

One more dishcloth down! I’ll post pictures at some point: maybe after the advertising showcase/Maroon 5 concert that’s happening in February.

(If you were under a rock on Sunday and haven’t watched the news today, the Chiefs and the Saints both lost.)

I succeeded in scheduling two days off last week, so I could get some routine doctor’s visits done instead of trying to cram them in between meetings.  This being January, this success naturally meant those two days had to be slotted into a week with exactly one full day of our son’s having school.  Two days were 2-hour delays, and the other two were outright cancellations, one of which fell on my second day of doctor visits.  Fortunately, the upside of my current gig’s needing me to be extremely flexible about my work hours is my feeling relatively little guilt about working from home when it’s necessary, and @bhoneydew was able to work from home the out of school day that overlapped my doctor visits.  I was also back from the last appointment in time to take our son to his weekly horse riding lesson.

Is our son old enough to stay home by himself?  Yes.  Also no.  We’re working on it. The largest remaining hurdle is getting him to use a phone, even for text messages.1

Yes.  Really.  If it weren’t for his enjoying watching YouTube on his PC2 or playing games on his console at home3, we’d have ourselves a middle school aged neo-Luddite.  For a kid who’s spent most of his life in suburbia, he seems to want to grow up to be a country boy.  He already likes Forged in Fire and really anything involving farms or horses or staring at the night sky, and he’d be thrilled if I traded in my wagon for a pickup or Jeep.

This, y’all, is another example of why I believe the Universe has a sense of humor. Both of us were prepared for a kid who was at least as geeky as we are, if not more so, and maybe a teensy bit Type A and broody to boot.  Did we get that?  Nope.  We got care-about-tech-only-enough-to-know-how-to-do-what-I-want-to-do-with it, laid back and far more than a teensy bit cheerful.

We will cope.  Gladly.

High School Is Coming.

1I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked “so how do you know when to pick him up from x?”. The answer is: I just do, like my mother knew when to come get me from x, if she wasn’t already waiting for me there. I’m lucky in that @bhoneydew and I can back each other up.   Mom didn’t have that.  Until her last job, she also usually couldn’t bring her work with her, which meant she often had to drive back in to the office once she got my sister and me home from our after-school activities (my grandmother didn’t drive).

2He’s a fan of dash cam videos, especially the ones where people have recorded long highway drives and set them to music. I’m not sure if he’s trying to teach himself how to drive, plotting his eventual escape into the wilds, or compiling a soundtrack for our next road trip.  Or all three. It could be all three. 

3He has always preferred single player games. I wonder some days if that is some allergy triggered by my playing EvE Online while I was pregnant with him.

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