Two Dishcloths Later…

Je crois que mon titre serait “deux torchons plus tard” en français.  I think.  I restarted my Duolingo French refresher as one of my not-really-a-resolution-that-just-so-happened-to-start-around-the-New-Year-nothing-to-see-here-Universe things.  Not that I had a practical reason to restart my Duolingo French refresher, beyond seeing it as a bit of psychic clutter that might finally go away if I finish it, and it’d probably be healthier to finish it than, oh, say, for a completely random example, the Dragonborn expansion of Skyrim.1


I have crocheted two dishcloths since my last post.  Neither of them were salvages from the sweater from heck, because while I was doing some closet spelunking, I found a stash of red Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton that I’ve had since we lived in California.  I remember a vague ambition to make crochet valances for all of the kitchen windows, one which was quashed by the realization that the sun coming through those windows would have turned those valances pink in a few weeks.

Probably.  The quashing could have just been caused by the weight of several other bright shiny projects.  At least now whatever I manage to work up of this yarn will just turn pink after it’s been used for a while, which is a happier thing in my universe, even if I’m not a fan of pink.

I also succeeded in taking down the Christmas tree on schedule, after @bhoneydew succeeded in putting it up on schedule.  I feel like I should dedicate an entire page of my planner to that accomplishment (once I recover from all the scratches I got when brute-forcing the thing back into its box), but I’m not sure how to color-code it.  Should it be Functional Blue, Celebrational Aqua … and I’m kidding.


The Planner Thus Far been pretty much all Occupational Black and Familial Orange, with a little Preoccupational Purple.  Purple covers everything from making those dishcloths through reading for fun to learning for no practical reason to writing for reasons other than it falls within the scope of Black, Blue, Aqua, Orange, Green or Red.2 “Blog” is Purple. It is also back in my planner on weekly rotation. Let’s see how long this streak can go.

1Which I worked on over the winter break from classes.  Those just started back up again, so it’s quite likely that “project” will be put back up on the shelf with the rest of the game-related psychic clutter.  The rest of the items on that shelf?  Let’s see … I haven’t finished Borderlands 2, Orcs Must Die 2 or Rocket League, and I abandoned The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after repeated failures to walk down the first flight of outdoor stairs (so demoralizing after having a Skyrim character who could sneak along mountain faces). I can’t bring myself to start BioShock Infinite, or even purchase Fallout 4 or any of the Assassin’s Creed games.  At least I’ve thanked the urge to play MMORPGS and shoved that off the shelf into the bin, so, yay, progress.

2I wasn’t kidding about color coding my planner. I’ve been doing that for years, though to be honest, I find that the usefulness of the technique swings wildly between eating my vegetables and binging on Skittles.

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