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Hey there, you have done a great job.
-Random Spammer #1

(Evidence is lacking of poor traits or conflicts
So the comparison of benefits and harms cannot be determined.)

-Random Spammer #2

I like how this sounds. Have you considered changing?
-Random Spammer #3

Hi. Wow, yeah, it has been a while. Remember when I used to post multiple times a week, or once a week, or once a month? Yeah, me neither.

There’s been … you know, stuff going on. I’m still doing work and school and gym wise what I was doing back in September — and back in June, if we’re counting from my last “real” blog post.  There have been good weeks and bad weeks and gritted teeth days, but none of them have involved sacrifice of anything other than the occasional gym visit or good night’s sleep or entire weekend or part of a vacation.

I am feeling better, but it’s best not to ask how I spent my summer vacation.


I did crack a tooth a couple of months ago, but that wasn’t related to school1, and I’m reasonably sure it wasn’t related to work.

Reasonably sure.

The crack resulted in my first ever crown, which still feels a little weird. My left eye twitches less than it did, but it definitely lets me know when I need to stop looking at screens.

I have been sleeping better when I sleep, which also helps.

I have not been writing, modulo occasions of jotting down ideas so I can delete them, and thus get them out of my head before they turn into brain worms, but these have also been less frequent. I have not been planting things, modulo the random bulbs that were darkening the floor by our front door and some chrysanthemums which seem to have become somewhat undead, because they’re still intact despite multiple rounds of freezing. I have been planning things.  I have been making things. These things may or may not also help.

Evidence is lacking … so the comparison of benefits and harms cannot be determined.

I can talk about the planning and making eventually.  Changing the subject to a topic on the opposite side of the world from sleeping better, building new worlds to escape into, or dominating my tiny inner world, Monster’s in his last year of middle school. This is easier for me to wrap my brain around than his being in his last year of junior high, even if it is the same thing in this part of Northern Virginia. He’s an honor roll student, which doesn’t surprise me, even though it also does quite a bit:  school often seems to be just another entry on his mental to-do list, click, check, done, instead of some place where he’s discovering the passion that will drive the rest of his life, or whatever kids are supposed to do there these days before they run away to social media.2

I am eighty-five percent certain he isn’t already on social media.3 He only sends emails when he has to write them in class, click, check, done, next!

Speaking of my own click check done suitable for social sharing, there’s this:

Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge Achieved!

You can see the gory particulars over on Goodreads if you click that image, so I won’t go into much of those here.  Seven books of the lot were non-fiction (four of those self-help/productivity), and the rest were fiction, all of it gloriously genre.  I did finish the Molly O’Keefe series I wanted to tackle this year, Lily Gardner’s All In, and Andy Weir’s Artemis. Go me.

I did not crack open anything by Ann Leckie, Martha Wells or Kameron Hurley and yes, the Imperial Radch, Murderbots and warring gods are now shuffled to my mental reading list for 2019, along with Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon mystery series.

As far as the rest of the 2019 list goes, I already have Meg Elison’s The Book of Flora on pre-order, but that won’t show up until April (oh noes!).  I also recently picked up Lavie Tidhar’s Central Station, and a little less recently, the first three books of Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell mysteries.  Victorian-era anything isn’t generally my cup of tea, pun fully intended, but I have heard good things about that series.

I would like 2019 to be the year that I get current with reading Cathy Yardley‘s Fandom Hearts series.  Cathy isn’t making that any easier:  she gave a shout-out to Susannah Nix in her November newsletter, and after reading synopses, I wound up adding Susannah’s Chemistry Lessons series to my reading list.

I would also like my 2019 non-fiction reading to be less self-helpy/general productivy, if those are even words.  That topic overlaps with some of the Kool-aid I’ll need to drink for class next year (ref: systems and best practices), so I’m not going to be wanting to stuff my brain with it during my precious, precious, reading for fun time.

But we’ll see.  Happy New Year!

1Calculus was genuinely fun at times. This damaged my self-schema in ways I’m still sorting through when I have a few minutes to indulge in existential anxiety (see: riding in elevators, sorting socks).

2Considering that his parents are still sorting this passion thing ourselves, I’m not worried so much about that.

3Considering his parents are both fairly good at just not mentioning things, it seems reasonable to assume that he is too. However, given past behavior, it is more reasonable to assume that ‘interact on social media’ just hasn’t made it onto his mental to-do list.

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