Put this in shell.
In case you want to feel healthier,
We are your reliable assistant.

-latest #spamadvice

Abidness?  Abidnescence?  Yes, I know neither of them are real words, but I couldn’t find a good one to describe “situation normal modulo armadillo tendencies”.

The medical adventures continue, but there’s nothing dire to report.  My ear continues to ring, and we’re looking at possible causes (my MRI was textbook ordinary, which disturbed me a little).  I discovered that having an ear worm distracts me from the ringing, so I’ve been trying to listen to a lot of catchy music in order to induce one.

I have also discovered that ear worms are less likely to happen when I am trying to induce one.1 Hey, at least the ringing doesn’t wake me up at night.

Otherwise, there is a staggering amount of nothing to say these days. It’s all positive nothing, though, so there are no complaints contained in the current armadillo space. Stuff abides, y’all.

1I suspect there’s a journal article in that, but I’m not motivated to go learn everything I need to know about quantum biomechanics in order to pretend I know what I’m talking about.

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