Happy belated Penguin Awareness Day! Don’t feel bad if you forgot we were supposed to be aware of our individual penguins last Friday; I think a lot of folks were distracted by something that happened in D.C. on that day, or were gearing up for the People Awareness Day parades that happened everywhere on Saturday. I did not participate in either day’s events, but oh, I was very much aware of them!

We too failed to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day on the day of, but as my dear @bhoneydew reminded me “I’m aware of your penguins every day, honey.” He may have added that they terrify him. Possibly. He’s a kidder like that.

The week otherwise went mostly well.  I read every day. I worked on the not-work writing project every day. The domestic and work life was a shade disrupted due to multiple days off from school (the Monster’s; my classes don’t start back until March), but nothing to freak out about … yet, anyway.  I might think differently in the future.

1Epimetheusity is a term I made up to evoke “being in the state of afterthought”. There’s probably a real word out there that means the same thing, but I don’t know it. Suggestions?

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