Behind The Door of Snow

Now it’s time to be happy and far from hesitant.
-the latest #spamadvice

Fortunately, the solution is simple today; change the way you think.
-the latest #horoscopeadvice1

Snowzilla trying to get in where it's warm.

Snowzilla trying to get in where it’s warm.


I can’t get out of my front door right now. Okay, that’s not one hundred percent true. I can open the front door, step out onto the front porch, look at the several feet of snow on the lawn2, nod, and go back inside for cocoa, a dance break, and a few more hours of staring at the computer screen for fifteen minute stretches.3 It really has been a great weekend and some for wrapping up massive deliverables.

Which will be done.



1For Sagittarians. Technically speaking (as much as astrology can be technical), I’m Ophiuchus. Or transited into Capricorn. Or an Earth Monkey with Mercury perpetually doing doughnuts in the celestial parking lot.
2 We got close to three feet, and more was deposited by passing snowplows scraping the street and our snowblower when we cleared a tunnel down the drive and walk.
3Which have been closer to twenty and thirty and a hundred and twenty at times, bad Shai, no biscuit. I’m also pretty sure my PT is going to be upset with me for shoveling snow for five hours straight (my shoulder certainly is!).

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