Rearranging Assassins

You clearly know what you’re talking about
-The latest #spamflattery

It’s amazing how kind mailbots can sound when they’re trying to sell vibrators. Definitely puts a whole new spin on “LIKE ME!” style marketing. If that’s even a marketing style. While I’ve crunched consumer data to support media campaigns, and done a fair amount of requirements/need analysis, what I know about marketing can comfortably fit in a shoe box left in a closet of a Holiday Inn Express. Not that this is an invitation to the universe to teach me about marketing RightNowThisVerySecondYouNeedTheseTopTenTipsForPromotingYourBlog1; the semester’s started, so I’ve got my academics fix squared away, thanks.

If I wanted to be excited about what I was studying, I’d go into bioscience.
-from My Year of Bread and Water

I often forget that @bhoneydew does read my blog. The above remark prompted a question about why I wasn’t taking a bioscience course, and the ensuing discussion went something like this:

Me: Because it isn't relevant to anything I'm doing, and it'd take a lot of effort and additional education for me to pivot into relevant work, not to mention that I'd be starting any relevant work at a very junior level...
@bhoneydew: Pfft.
Me: I don't want to spend the money on it right now.2
@bhoneydew: Fair point. But there's this Coursera option that you could take.
Me: Fair point. But you know my history with MOOCs!
@bhoneydew: ... (because I can't do written justice to the particular look he gives me when I'm stubbornly refusing to do something I do/could enjoy.)

So, I signed up for Coursera’s Introduction to Systems Biology, which was put together by the folks at the Icahn School of Medicine. It’s the first course in a six-course Systems Biology and Biotechnology Specialization, buuuut, I think I’m just going to see if I can get through the first course.

Once I sort what to do with Key of Tree, I’m going to take a look at the dark epic fantasy duology (The Madness Gate and Singing Down Sepia) and see if they’re actually a trilogy-in-denial, or if they just need to be printed out and set on fire.
-from My Year of Bread and Water

I read through Key of Tree, The Madness Gate and Singing Down Sepia over the past week and some. Key is still a mess, yep, but it growled at me when I poked it with a stake, so I think it’s still got some life in it. I’ve put it into a box for now, and made a note to give it another look in the summer. Gate and Sepia are almost certainly a trilogy-in-denial. While I was reading Gate, I stumbled over this:

Not wanting to put his friend at further risk of being murdered by a mob of his own kind, he leaves him there, and heads north. LIKE THAT WILL END WELL.

That’s the last place I mentioned the abandoned character: all of the events of Sepia happened without him popping up in the narrative (and he’s not a minor player, for Zuul’s sake!). Ooops.

I also ran into this:

Figure out where the assassin fits!

I imagine that by the time I muddle through what happened to the poor abandoned character, find a place for the assassin, and weave both threads into the rest of the story, there will be another freaking 100K words or so, so … yay?

1Notice the lack of ads?
2Since I’m a part-time student at best, and have been fortunate enough to keep myself employed, I pay for my education as I go, rather than borrowing money for it. I’m reserving the “borrow money for school” option in case I ever snap and go back to school full time.

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