Digging Toward Daylight

Monday, November 16 – 2,124 (30,032) words
Tuesday, November 17 – 1,471 (31,053) words
Wednesday, November 18 – 834 (31,887) words
Thursday, November 19 – zero (31,887) words
Friday, November 20 – zero (31,887) words

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s being consumed by work and Thanksgiving planning-and-shopping also meant that I got nothing but the bare essentials done holiday house prep wise. Since I didn’t have to leave the house over the weekend, I resolved to catch up on the NaNo project in 15 minute bursts between loads of laundry and skirmishes with dust bunnies.

Saturday, November 21 – 4,812 (36,699) words
Sunday, November 22 – 4,076 (40,775) words

Yeah, I think I might now be able to hit that 50K total before December 1st.  Will I finish the novel by then? Oh, good grief, no. I’m not sure it’ll even start looking like one until it hits 75K1, and that goal I won’t hit by the first of December.

1Assuming I don’t print it out and set it on fire before then, which is quite possible.

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