Dismantling Process

One of the most disturbing things I’ve found is
During the dismantling process
They incarnate specifically to get the facilitator.
But it seems the previous faithful is losing the battle, for
This is now when I lay on the sofa and get a well deserved rest.
Knowing I will awaken with a forgiven dream of light.

-Today’s #spampoetry

I only had five spam comments in my Inbox this morning. Yes, this morning, not the actual morning (January 20th) when I put together today’s poem, when I had something on the order of, uhm, lots. That’s either a somewhat positive sign or a somewhat negative one, but yay for symmetry.

The holidays happened. I did not succeed in avoiding the stomach bug that I was grumbling about in my last post, nor did there seem to be a safe minimum distance from it: my entire household got it, as did my in-laws’ entire household. Between the non-stop bathroom visits, the ongoing being jolted out of sound sleep to deal with emergency laundry situations and the dehydration delirium1, I think it’s safe to say that it was the second worst Winter holiday season I’ve ever experienced, and probably the Monster’s worst yet. Not that I’m holding a competition.2

January itself was fairly uneventful. Oh, sure, we all picked up strep throat after the stomach bug ran its course, but pshaw, that was nothing. We’ve started work to get the basement to where we want it to be, and have made real progress toward our not-calling-it-a-resolution of eating as many meals at home as we possibly can. Not that we were doing badly on that front anyway: it’s weird, since we’ve moved to Northern Virginia with its expansive access to dining out options, we’ve eaten in more. I’m sure a big part of that has to do with also having more expanded grocery options. I don’t have to drive 25 minutes to the nearest grocery store anymore (or 45-50 to the nearest one that doesn’t stock moldy produce). I could, if I wanted to3, even bike the distance.

I also picked up a Fitbit and started using the danged thing. Don’t worry, I won’t be posting my progress.

1On the positive side, I did get a lot of work done. Not that I remember doing most of it.
2It’s okay if the 1988 record stands. Really.
3Considering I parked my last bike in 1994 and left it to die like it left me to die hanging upside down in a tree a few hours prior, I don’t think I’ll be buying a bike and taking it down Lee Highway any time soon.

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