Situational Adrenaline

It is not advisable to try to microwave the quiche

I started this post on December 1st. I had ten minutes, or so I thought, to throw some words together about what all is going on, and yes, the key words in this sentence are or so I thought.

It’s now the 23rd.

Since December 1st, I’ve turned in four contract deliverables (two more are due by New Year’s), taken a final (Advanced Database Management — I fell too far behind in the Algorithms class, so I’m taking it in the spring), and did the holiday prep with even less clue than I had last year.1

I’m currently wrapping up the antibiotics I wound up on after getting Yet Another Infection in my left ear (third one this year), and fighting off whatever the heck caused the Monster to spew terracotta colored vomit all over the upstairs last night and this morning.

So, Happy Holidays, y’all. I might be coherent enough to write a proper New Year’s post at some point before Chinese New Year.

In your plan, you’ll want to focus on the fact
And not the perceived problems
Repeat the rolling action that you just did
Within the first Situational Adrenaline
To arrive at the altar and grab the house key

-today’s #SpamPoetry

1Though I did succeed in putting up the icicle lights on the porch, after having put up the clips last year and totally failing to hang up the lights themselves. And the tree went up on time … but after we succeeded in losing the tree topper for the second year in a row (I bought a new one last year after we lost the old one, and now the new one’s missing AndWeHaven’tMovedHonest), we gave up … at least for now. Maybe we’ll decorate properly on New Year’s Weekend. Yeah, this is not the first time this has happened.

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