Inevitable Preventabilities [NaNoWriMo 2014 (Day 1-3)]

Yeah, I’m still trying to do this anyway.

I should figure out the Latin for “Some Consequences Are Predictable…” and “…Others Are Preventable”, and get the sayings tattooed1 on my palms, so they’re fully visible when I smack myself around later this month.2

November Words for Dough: 12,684 (not yet counting today’s)
November Words for Doughnuts (read ‘Doughnuts’ as ‘NaNo’): 5,529

In other news, I’ve had a serious uptick in spam comments lately. I wonder if people are beginning to figure out that I recycle them?

Although there won’t be any miracle remedies
(These include the herbs your mother uses)
It really is necessary being aware
Like a fine tuned antenna capable of
Receiving any frequency from any realm
By sitting and experience.

-The latest #spampoetry

1Like that would happen. I hate needles.
2Parce que cette conséquence? Elle est inévitable.

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