Awesome Is The Enemy (Three’s the Charm)

Speaking of that, after looking over The Madness Gate, and figuring that I’ve got at least 10K words to write on it, I signed up for Nano. Of course, this will likely mean that on October 31st, I’ll be struck by this brand spanking new idea, and will work on that during November.

– from Awesome Is The Enemy (of Done)

Or … as reality is now suggesting, I might be juggling two awesome freelance projects through November, into December, and probably January. This while treading water in my fall classes, and you know, being Monster Mom and Dear Wife and ohDearLordTheHolidays.

-from Awesome Is The Enemy (Part Two)

I might will be juggling two awesome freelance projects, and a possible third.

I’d say I was going to go insane1, but I think I’ve got my lawn chair already set up there.

Below I have mentioned the complications
Of obsessive self-portraiture
Thematically linked to problems with her own identity
On the opposite hand, you don’t ought to panic
Problems cannot be solved by the common user

– the latest #spampoetry

1The happy kind. Yes, really. I still have moments where I’m gobsmacked that this full-time freelance thing is actually knock-on-wood working out knock-on-wood-again.

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