Breaking Even

The jack o’lanterns we carved last weekend rotted in two days. The weather turned from pleasantly cool to summery warm overnight, and stayed that way just long enough for the pumpkins to become saggy and fuzzed on the inside all black and green and ick. I shrugged, chucked them, picked up some faux ones, and guess what happened when I carved one of those? Yep, the weather turned the sharp bright clear cool (“chili weather” we call it) that’s perfect for keeping pumpkins.

Yeah, I just can’t win. But that’s okay. There’s chili in the slow cooker and 70’s music on Songza1, and homework for me to get through before I haul the Monster to swim. Yes, it’s all homework that should have been done earlier this week, but to my delight (and frankly, knock-on-wood surprise), the new full-time freelance business analysis/writing thing I’ve been doing has been keeping me hopping.

As for my own personal mineMineMine creative writing? Eh. Let’s not discuss that right now. Maybe next month, if I convince myself to add NaNoWriMo to the pile of snakes I’m currently juggling — though I’m leaning toward no, because some of the feedback I got on The Madness Gate2 over the summer suggests I might be better served duct taping the penguins responsible to a hamster wheel and getting the danged thing finished.

1 I usually can’t deal with lyrical music when I’m working on homework, but oddly, some of the music from my childhood seems to be awesome background noise when I’m doing database or programming assignments. I suspect I associate 70s/early 80s disco, R&B and rock music with cleaning house (my family always cleaned house on Saturday mornings while listening to American Top 40), and since homework is mental housework, sorta kinda…

2The Madness Gate is the prequel I sketched out to Singing Down Sepia (my Nano novel from 2012) after I looked at it and said to myself “wow, I don’t even … yeeeeah, let’s start this horse back at the gate, instead of in the middle of the race”.

3Yup, in the name of almighty clarity, I’m messing around with using footnotes for my thought-asides, instead of embedding them in the body of the post.

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