Nefarious Cornbread

So it’s September. Almost October, which is my favorite month of the year. September 29th marks the first official day I can decorate for Halloween (my homeowner’s association has a bug up about not decorating for a holiday more than 30 days beforehand), and oh, you betcha I’ve already hauled everything out of the basement. Almost everything. Okay, about half of everything. It’s possible I may have as many Halloween decorations as I do winter holiday ones.

The Monster’s already picked out two pumpkins for carving, and if the weather stays gorgeous like it’s been…

Yes, even with this week’s days of misty drizzle. I happen to like misty drizzle. @bhoneydew does not, so it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever relocate to Seattle, unless I can devise a way to keep him caffeinated twenty-four seven.

…we’ll be out on the front porch this weekend doing some clandestine Jack o’Lantern work.

Yeah, I really like Halloween. It’s a day to be silly and cheery and drama-free and to make sure that I’ve passed out every last damn piece of the truckload of candy I’ve bought beforehand in the name of appeasing the neighborhood goblins.

It has surprised some folks that I’m not really into grim gothy things, and all things Fae-ish make me twitch or at least wonder where I stored the bug zapper. I love horror and write weird and dark, sure, and there are a number of places in my brain where I can go if I want to feel ill-at-ease for days, but that’s a choice I don’t like making at Halloween.

I still haven’t figured out my costume, though. It doesn’t have to be clever or cute, but it does have to be comfortable: which eliminates pretty much any costume with the word ‘sexy’ in it1. My costume last year was the very model of a modern witch doctor (t-shirt, jeans, bunny slippers, a black lab coat, a stethoscope and a lime green-and-spiders themed witch hat), which was a change from all the years I’ve just gone as Canadian. And how does one dress as Canadian? Jeans. Check. Canadian hockey jersey. Check. Carry around a plate of Nanaimo Bars or a bottle of Grade B Maple Syrup for extra elegance. I’m considering being a cranky Southern foodie, something bhoneydew fully supports, because the costume will likely involve a cast iron skillet, butcher bacon, and Amish butter soaked buttermilk cornbread.

Yay, September. Which I already mentioned. And I’ve written a lot about looking forward to October and Halloween instead of saying “oh, hey, I’m in an algorithms class and an advanced database course and I’m about to start up a UVA class on running a business because I quit my job in early September and went full time freelance and it occurs to me that while I’ve taken courses in economics and business law and I know my way around and through business proposals and scopes of work and customer service, I…”.

So, yeah, there’s that going on too.

1Which is for the best, really.

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