Take Inaccurate The Palm

Yesterday was my actual birthday, as opposed to the day-that-wasn’t-my-birthday-but-my-birthday-present-arrived-so-I-opened-it-day.

I now have a alien bunny from Jonathan Rosenburg's Scenes from a Multiverse (http://amultiverse.com/) staring at me when I'm using the home office.

I now have a alien bunny from Jonathan Rosenberg’s Scenes from a Multiverse staring at me when I’m using the home office.  That there’s a bunny with a quill and my favorite Heinlein quote1 beside it may or may not be a coincidence.  (The quill-wielding bunny came from a long-ago birthday card from my aunt that contained my second favorite quote2 from her.)

I’m older than probably anything in your closet, if you must know, but still younger than dirt.  It was a work day and I still don’t have a sitter for the Monster (though we’re working on it), so @bhoneydew and I went out for a nice sushi-based lunch, during which I managed to confuse our waitress when I asked for a tamago roll for dessert instead of anything that was on the dessert menu.  Hey, it’s Japanese egg custardy crepes!  Why is that not considered dessert?

I am happy to report that I have not forgotten how to use chopsticks, and I also managed to get absolutely nothing on me while using them.  Small victories, man, small victories.

Speaking of victories, here’s a birthday gift from me … kinda.

If you know me, you’ll know by now (and if you don’t, you may have guessed) that I get inspired in a non-useful way by odd things, and sometimes, those odd things get stuck in my head to the point where I need to inflict them on other people in order to get rid of them and get on with my day. And when it’s a really terrible, horrible sticky useless inspiration — poetry can result.

I’m sorry.

Today’s aggravation (and the title of this post) came from a line in one of the spam comments I deleted this morning.

Take inaccurate the palm
Good fortune is cheap to say
And bad fortune too expensive to mention
Say caution
Caution and care are useful for everyone
A little is danger, spice and wanting more
Too much is a floppy cardigan one settles for
Even if the wind cuts through it

1“Writing is a legal way of avoiding work without actually stealing and one that doesn’t take any talent or training” – Robert A. Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.
2“Don’t reach for the stars.  Say ‘I already did’.”  My favorite quote from my aunt is “It’s my nut, and I’ll go off it if I want to.”

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