[NaNoWriMo 2013 Final Update] – Days 28-30, The Four Ws

Despite my best intentions,  I didn’t do anything with Chair except for edit it until my version of it matched its validated word count. Between having a houseful of cheerful people, the Monster’s being amazing…

…and he really was, to the point where I was wondering if someone (I suspect my MIL) convinced him that Santa was more than just a weird bearded dude in a red suit who hangs out at shopping malls…

…and my catching a break on a work deadline, I just decided to enjoy the long holiday weekend.  But, I’m back to the Four Ws today: Work, Writing, Wrangling and Wrapping [Up].

Chair’s going into a box until February. I have a couple of short pieces I want to get dealt with before New Years’, and I’ve promised myself that I’m going to spend January fishing around in my weird contemporary exurban fantasy world to see if there’s anything to write about there other than a couple of stream-of-consciousness snippets.

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