[NaNoWriMo Update] Days 24 – 27, Second Cornbread Iteration

I woke up this morning with two songs stuck in my head:  One Republic’s “Counting Stars” and David Byrne’s “Marching Through the Wilderness“.  Hey, I figure I’m about due for another bout of stereo ear worm.  It’s two days before Thanksgiving, and I need to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS and COOK ALL THE THINGS and last night, the stupid sweet potatoes I just bought last week EXPLODED in goo and black mold when I picked them up off the floor of the pantry so I need to go GET MORE TODAY WHEN I WAS TRYING TO AVOID GOING BACK TO THE STORE BECAUSE SERIOUSLY TWO HOURS YESTERDAY and … i … still … need … to … pick … up … the … meat…

…and you don’t want to know what happened to the first cornbread iteration.

marching through the wilderness
crying out for tenderness
they call me Mr. Pitiful [which my penguins sing as “Mrs. Pitiful”]
but everything is wonderful
everything that kills me
makes me feel alive

But, there’s this.


When I validated Chair on Monday it was at 56,196.  It’s now 56,996, because yeah, I’ve been slacking somewhat.  I’ll keep whacking at it, though, until the 30th, which is when I promised myself I’d put it down for a while (as opposed to out of its misery) and let it ferment.  Not like I don’t have other things I should be working on.

lately I been, I been losing sleep
dreaming about the things that we could be
I’m workin’ real steady
I’m workin’ real hard
I’m building a monster
In my backyard

Edit: Once @bhoneydew finished his morning cup of coffee, he discovered a cure for my stereo ear worm: something both visually and audibly “weird”.  He cued up Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley.  I watched it.  I feel much better now.  Don’t mind the occasional twitch.  That’s just holiday cheer.

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