[NaNoWriMo Update] Days 21-23, Parked at the Finish Line

Day 21: 2,128
Day 22: 2,972
Day 23: 2,083
3-Day Total: 7,183
Total Word Count: 52,299

This morning, I’m camped out in the living room with bhoneydew while waiting for the dry cleaner to open.  I’ve already run to the butcher shop (7:00 a.m., right when they opened, and I wasn’t the first in line).  He’s watching a cappella groups while I’m writing this, because that’s just something we do.

Right now, one of the groups is going through an “Evolution of Beyoncé” medley.

SINGERS:  Everything’s in a box to the left
BHONEYDEW: Hey, that’s your penguin song. [pause] It’s probably best that they can’t operate a tape gun. You’d never be able to remember anything.

Yes, this is the person I’m married to.  The same guy who grinned at me when I broke 50K yesterday, decided I needed some homemade chocolate chip cookies, so wandered into the kitchen to throw down with the Amish creamery butter and the bittersweet chocolate chunks.  I can easily forgive him for making accurate observations.  Ahem.

I won’t be able to validate the word count until the 25th, but since I’ve blocked out the entire month for this mess, I’ll keep hacking away at it while I’m sitting in park.

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