[NaNoWriMo Update] Days 10-13, 30K a.k.a Sucks, Fix Later

Day 10:  2,222
Day 11:  2,470
Day 12:  2,093
Day 13:  2,847
4-Day Total: 9,632
Total Word Count: 30,047

I wasn’t expecting to hit 30K five days ahead of schedule.  If I remember right (which is always a question), the last time I did this, I didn’t manage that until Thanksgiving.  And sure, we did have a holiday on Monday (Day 11), but the Monster was home from school.  I’ve also not managed to get up in the morning at my usual uncivilized hour until today, which has meant that my usual only self-inflicted interruption plagued writing period has been, hmm, not happening.

But, hey, 30K, despite the flailing.

I’m surprised as anyone1 that I haven’t changed the core story of this mess.  It’s still the same “once upon a time … things went terribly wrong … and there was kind of a happy ending for everyone but the dead people” kind of story that it started out to be.   Not that I haven’t made any changes. I’ve changed the name of my lead character’s sidekick (the one who survived past chapter four) twice, once because it sounded too much like the much cooler name of the antagonist’s antagonist…

…Yes, my antagonist has an antagonist. Have you met any of the people I’ve role-played with?

… and another time because I realized it’d become the same name as someone from my home town who I’ve never known very well (but clearly enough to remember the name).  I also changed the antagonist’s name once because I realized it didn’t fit the culture he’d grown up in.

I soon hope to do something about all of these other characters who still have names like [Occupation]-[Role]-[Gender]-NEEDS FIRST AND LAST NAME.  Before that, though, I really need to change more about my antagonist than just his name.  I think I might have gone a little overboard in making him sympathetic, and by ‘overboard’, I’m talking Eric Bana in the first Star Trek reboot levels of awkward evil. Getting-beat-up-by-a-girl evil, even, and we’re talking a Taylor Swift kind of girl, not Xena.

His antagonist, however, is awesome in a needs-to-be-in-a-sequel kind of way.

1When I say ‘anyone’ in conjunction with ‘NaNoWriMo’, assume I’m talking about the penguins.

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