Step By Step, Click By Click…

[This is a reply to a comment made in response to The Scrivener problem I wrote about in my last NaNoWriMo update. Since the reply got a little long, I decided to turn it into another blog post.]

Dear James,

Thank you for checking in on me and offering some assistance with Scrivener.

Here’s a walkthrough of what I was doing.  Please me know if you still believe I’m doing something wrong here (possibly there’s a preference in Windows that I haven’t set), or if there’s a chance that I may have a bugged Windows Scrivener installation.  I have yet to uninstall and re-install the program.

Mac Scrivener


Step #1: Opening Scrivener. The ‘new project/open project/open recent project’ screen appears, as expected.  All files listed here under “Recent Files” are stored on Dropbox.


Step #2: Looking at the Project.  


Step #3: Closing The Project via File>Close.


Step #4:  After the Project is closed, there is nothing left on the screen but the ‘new project/open project/open recent project’ screen.


Step #5: Re-Opening Scrivener.  The ‘new project/open project/open recent project’ screen appears immediately.

Windows Scrivener


Step #1:  Opening Scrivener.  Hey, look, no ‘new project/open project/open recent project’ screen!  Two projects are open already, one of which is the same Dropbox project I was looking at on the Mac.  The other is a blank project that I have stored on my Windows Desktop.


Step #2: Closing the Dropbox project via File>Close Project. 


Step #3:  Only the Desktop project is now open in Scrivener.


Step #4:  Closing the Desktop project via File>Close Project.


Step #5:  Quit and Reopened Scrivener.  Wait.  The Desktop project automatically opens!


Step #6:  Reopened the Dropbox project, and chose File>Close All.


Step #7: Quit and Reopened Scrivener. Again.  And … this time the Dropbox project automatically opens!

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