[NaNoWriMo Update] Days 1 – 3, The Traveling Circus

Day 1:  2,167
Day 2:  2,412
Day 3:  2,854
3-Day Total: 7,433

I outlined this year. This is new for me for a NaNo project.  I outline for my day job (formal) and sorta-outline (usually block) for some of my non-day job writing and kinda-outline for most of the rest.

“Kinda” = use a dialogue draft as a general recipe and add other ingredients to taste.  Does that mean that these blog posts start out as dialogue drafts? If so, who’s doing the talking? I’ll leave those answers as an exercise for the reader.

Not that the outline can probably be genuinely considered an “outline”, per se.  It’s a worksheet.  It has questions on it and everything, questions drawn from my favorite references on my writing book shelf, because using them to build a worksheet seemed more reasonable than shoving them into a blender, mixing them with argan oil and massaging them into my scalp.

My goal is to answer at least one and no more than three of those questions a day during November, and when those questions are answered in the form of a few sentences and the sketch of a supporting scene (or three or six), I wander off and work on the stuff that I’m supposed to be doing this month … or that pesky zombie story that I keep being reminded of every time the Monster travels around the house at night and OpensUpAllTheBlindsIDon’tKnowWhyHeDoesThatHeKnowsItFreaksMommyOut. 

So far, it seems to be working, knock on Scrivener.

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