I Don’t Remember How I Changed The Subject … But I Did


Working Title:  Chair

Working Genre: Science Fiction

I hadn’t planned to do NaNoWriMo this year, but it rained this weekend. Actually, it’s been raining since last Wednesday, maybe Tuesday, so instead of trying to put up the outdoor Halloween decorations this weekend, I tackled the laundry backlog with @bhoneydew and tucked in on my computer rearrangement.

A month ago, we replaced the house RAID and put a SSD in my desktop computer which I made my boot location, and since then, I’ve been having to fiddle with install locations, backup schedules and the like. While I was fiddling, I stumbled across an untitled Scrivener file from this past spring.  I opened it, thinking it might be a template I’d been working on, and instead found the core ideas of what I think was originally intended to be a short story. It’s also possible they were just ideas that I wanted to get out of my head before I got distracted by something,  and then I got distracted by something before I could even give the file a name.

So, I have these ideas, and it’ll be November soon.

Oh, sure, I’ve got other things I’m working on, but even when they’re done they won’t see the light of day for a while, and when they do, my name won’t be on them.  I’m not sure if that is bugging me or not, but it does come to mind more often than it used to.

But, I do have these ideas, and it’ll be November soon.

I think I’ll start outlining tomorrow.

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