Armadillo Season

Penguins are go!  Thanks to +Jennifer Rodgers, Evelyn The Librarian (above) and three of her crazy family members now exist in living color.  You can see the rest of the bunch on my updated Penguins page.

I didn’t enter armadillo mode in April, at least not on purpose.  Things just … thinged, you know? … and I’m just now getting to the point where I’m remembering to open the blinds on my windows, metaphorically speaking.

Speaking of blinds, we finally got wood ones to replace those @&#$ temporary painters’ shades that’ve been covering our windows for the past year.  Did we get around to painting any more rooms?  No, of course not.

Most of the things were work and Monster and medical, none of which bear mentioning, other than to say that Monster’s now back in school and the medical thing was identified, dealt with, and so far, knock on wood, is staying dealt with.

Back in uhm, early summer, @rdonoghue and @fredhicks got the Born to Be Kings band back together (@scmcc13, @debela, @amberyl, @bhoneydew and me) for a ten year anniversary game. It was decidedly odd seeing my old Kings character1 being played as an NPC, mostly because I didn’t grok to that until at the end of the game, when all of the pieces came together in my tiny brain all at once … and if I remember right, I started giggling like a fiend.  Yes, there’s some doubt that I remember right, because I can’t even remember what month in which we had the anniversary game.

July.  @bhoneydew just reminded me that it was July.  To be fair, he had to go look at the call history on his cell phone to figure that out.

My less than stellar track record with Coursera courses continued over the summer.  I dropped the Logic class.  I dropped the Composition class.  And the Mathematical Thinking class I took, figuring it’d help me get through the rest of the math I need to take?  Yeah, I dropped that one, too.

The best explanation I’ve found for my doing so — besides this being armadillo season — is that they were all “too noisy”.  With rare exceptions (e.g. Dr. Richard Hardy’s American Government class at Mizzou), I’ve always hated large lecture classes, and I’m beginning to wonder if the MOOC format triggers the same “TooMuchMovementToKeepTrackOfNot GoodWhere’sTheNearestExit?” area of my brain as those do. That would certainly jibe with the pattern of my preferring solo option or small group online gaming, and social media outlets that enable me to turn up or throttle down the infospigot with little perceived consequence.

On the bright side, I am halfway through the mandatory speech communications class that I’ve been avoiding taking for years (a local version of the one I dropped in Pennsylvania due to some life scheduling conflicts). Since I needed to be an enrolled student before I could get my motley collection of transcripts evaluated, I elected to take a course that I knew that a) I didn’t have to demonstrate prerequisites for and b) most degree programs would require.

I didn’t even try to substitute an intro to acting class for the speech communication class, like I’ve tried to do at every other school I’ve attended.  This time, it was just … “dang, screw it, fine, if you insist I must be authentic, then yea, verily, thou shalt get the character known as The-Shai-That-Shares-Opinions, may all gods have mercy on thy wretched soul.”

I did finish writing the short pieces I mentioned. I also wrote a fair number of things for work, and close to zero words within an error margin of about thirty thousand for anywhere else.  My reading splurge has, happily, continued.  I won’t list everything I’ve read since April here (might do that in a separate post), but I put a dent in my TBR list deep enough that I felt justified in buying a Kindle.

Yes, of course, it was right before the new Paperwhite came out, but that’s how I roll.

1Sonnet Karm, who grew up to become Queen Rilga of Amber.  Yeah, it was a long, dark and twisted story.

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