March 2013 Had Raisins In It

A couple of weeks ago, I was indulging in a mental rant about motivation and goal setting, while @debela was indulging in a verbal rant about writing goals for a performance evaluation form.

I (jokingly) asked her to write a set of them for me while she was at it.

She obliged.

Penguin Management: Demonstrate sound people management skills. Drive results through organization and team: set clear expectations and priorities; structure and delegate work; provide ongoing feedback and coaching for performance and development.

1) Success = Improved focus survey results from penguins. Anarchic penguin derived surveys are inapplicable. A successful manager will channel her penguins into factory workmanlike despair.

2) Demonstration of core values in line with Shai, Inc.'s core values of CIAC: Creativity, Ingenuity, Anarchy and Charm.

3) Active support and prioritization of initiatives to improve penguin engagement. Accountability is not a factor in this goal. Good luck with that.

Alas, the penguins did not despair this past month. I didn’t meet any of my March writing goals.  Yep, not a single one.  I didn’t write any short pieces, didn’t  work on any other projects, didn’t blog and didn’t read any fiction. Nope. Nada.

I did pick up crafting again (other than making a few front door wreaths and flower arrangements, I haven’t done that in quite some time, either).  I’m crocheting what I think is going to be a table runner, though jury’s still out on whether that potential table runner is going to agree with my plans for its future.

I can’t put a finger on why March sucked, because while it was hectic at work and at home (unexpected snow days, Monster’s spring swim camp) it wasn’t any more hectic than usual.  I had a nasty cold over Easter weekend, but, as much as I wanted to just curl up in bed and sleep it off, I didn’t let it throw a wrench into things.  The best I can guess is that since  I didn’t have pressing deadlines and as a result, zero external accountability — I didn’t make it to any writing group meetings in March, either — things just fell off the edge of my plate.  I got so caught up in getting through the present that I didn’t pay attention to making progress toward the future.

Aggravating. But, it’s April now. I have those five short pieces to write (and four more, though those may have to be pushed out to May) and the re-writing to work on, and yes, crazy me, I’m in a Logic class right now and a Composition class1 starts the end of the month, but I want to get back on the fiction reading horse.

1I’ve never taken a formal logic class before. My sole exposure to it was a crash self-directed course before a mathematics competition my senior year of high school. When a logic class from a Stanford prof appeared on Coursera, I said, “ooh, shiny, let’s us see if we can learn how to do better what we’ve been doing informally for years, precious” and signed up. The composition class is under duress. I only have three credits of college-level English, thanks to my testing into Honors English Composition when I was at Mizzou. At the time, surviving Honors English Composition (which was only three classroom hours, but required four full blown research papers with attendant in-class presentations and a 25+ page autobiographical essay) got one out of having to take Composition I and Composition II. Yeah, I not only survived it, I kicked butt and took names … and decades later, I’m having to deal with “I’m sorry, but your transcript says you’ve only taken three credits of English comp”. I’d try to test out of it, but it’s been so long since I’ve had to construct a essay according to a formula2, I’m probably better off just taking the damn class.

2I generally write like I cook. Sometimes I have a list of specific ingredients, some of which I even wind up using. Other times, I just throw together whatever’s in the fridge. Yes, there have been times when @bhoneydew wonders if I’m secretly studying for the role of Jenny Meyer in a remake of Better off Dead.

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