Words That Begin With M

What I Thought January 2013 Could Look Like:

  • Draft 3 Original Short Pieces
  • Restructure Singing Down Sepia

What January 2013 Actually Looked Like:

  • Drafted 5 Original Short Pieces
  • Got mired a quarter of the way through restructuring Singing Down Sepia
  • Blogged at least once a week to two different blogs
  • Journaled at least once a week

I didn’t include blogging and journaling in the list of January goals I shared with the writing group.  While I am working toward goals for both this year, I’m not used to thinking either is writing, in the same way I don’t consider “scribbling down random ideas for potential later exploration” writing.

Though if someone asks me what I’m doing when I’m scribbling down random ideas, I’ll likely say “writing” even though I don’t think it is.  It’s just easier to explain it that way.  Besides, answering that question any other way might lead to a “why” or  worse, “what’s your idea?”  People who know me know better than to ask me questions like that.

Well.  Let me rephrase that.  I don’t think of my efforts in that regard as writing, even when an entry is fiction or (heaven help the reader) poetry.  I typically mentally label blog or journal entries with one of many fine words that begin with the letter m.

For February, I’d like the magic m-word for my writing (and okay, my blogging and journaling) to be ‘momentum’.  Here are the goals I shared with the writing group for this month:

  • Draft 5 Original Short Pieces
  • Finish restructuring Singing Down Sepia (figuring out where the body of one of the leads has wandered off to would be a really good place to rekindle this effort)

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