January 2013: Mark All These As Read

One of my subtasks for 2013 is “read books”.  I … okay, one of the not-great things that happened somewhen in my late New Jersey period is that I got burned out on reading books. It’s not one of those things I’ve wanted to mention to folks, because I’ve been embarrassed about how little I’ve been reading that wasn’t a magazine article, on a Web page, in a textbook assignment or one of the Monster’s books.

I tried signing up for Goodreads early last year. My two some hours as a member was an exercise in shame sweat and wanting to crawl under a couch and die.  I tried signing up again on Friday.  I lasted about three hours this time.  While I didn’t experience as much self-loathing, I was gobsmacked by the number of books I haven’t read, wanted to read, and should have read already, damn it. I think I might give it a try some time next year.  It’s possible I might make it up to four hours.

Our recent basement flood experience also helped me remember that I’ve moved a number of the books in my To-Be-Read collection from California to New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Virginia, and a larger number of them from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Virginia.  I’m happy to say that none of them were moved from Indiana to California to New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Virginia, but to be honest, if we hadn’t had that four day long U-Haul drive when we moved to California, I’m not sure I could be saying that.

So, yeah, I’ve been trying to read a little book every day.  I’ve worked it into my bedtime routine, included it in my weekend morning routine, and rediscovered the pleasure of distracting myself with a book while waiting for appointments.

I haven’t stopped just reading fashion magazines (and Martha Stewart Living and O) when I’m at the beauty salon, though.   Never been sure if doing so helps me feels more comfortable about taking the time to get my hair dealt with by a professional, or if reading one just makes for a pretty awesome duck blind — look, she’s a perfectly normal stereotypical American woman, there’s nothing alarming about her whatsoever, so please do not panic. 

On that subject, I do miss the stylist I had back in PA. I love what my current one does with my hair, but yeah, it was nice being able to geek in meatspace about video games (and EVE Online — my stylist was a Caldari miner). 


  • The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson.  
  • Red Plenty by Francis Spufford. I laughed, I shook my head a lot, and I often found myself wondering what the author would do with an examination of what was happening in the United States during the same time frame.
  • Pilates for Dummies by Ellie Herman.  My PT wrapped up in December, and I’m looking to keep exercising my wonky shoulder (which I keep re-injuring).  Also, I have a mat and home gear that I haven’t used in, well, ever.
  • Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell.
  • Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond. I finished the last four chapters that I have been trying to get through to read for three years!  Not that I didn’t like the book.  I enjoy crunchy social science books.
  • Half Share by Nathan Lowell.
  • Full Share by Nathan Lowell. I hit the end of the Solar Clipper series — which @bhoneydew picked up and recommended to me quite a while ago, because I’m more than a wee bit fond of space opera, especially if an author invests some thought in its characters — and discovered that the rest of it’s being reworked. 
  • Temping is Hell by Cathy Yardley.  
  • 47 Echo by Shawn Kupfer.
  • The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby.

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