The Goalposts … They’re-They’re Moving!

Have you ever had a productive week, and when you stop to pat yourself on the back, you realize you’re further away from achieving your goals than you were seven days prior?


That’s just me?

It figures.

This past week was like that.

I finished one of the short pieces that I want to write this month…

…and, after some discussion (with involved parties, not my inner penguins), was convinced that it wasn’t a standalone piece, so I outlined two supporting pieces…

…which became three supporting pieces…

…all of which I’ll need to write before I move on to the other two supposed-to-be-standalone pieces I want to write this month.

I also made some progress on restructuring Singing Down Sepia.  Some.  I still don’t know who my lead character is, and the more I try to designate one of my three main characters as a lead, the less any of them look like one.  They all have independent goals, motivations and conflicts both internal and external (they’re all the very model of a modern fully realized character), but they all depend on each other to get to and through these goals and conflicts, and as a result, they all assume different roles at different points during the story. I want this to be straight-forward.  “X is the lead”.  “Y is the faithful sidekick”.  “Z is the opposition”.   Boom, boom, boom, over and done.   Yeah, that’s so not what’s happening here.

So, this week, I’m going to take a step back from the mains and focusing on fixing the mess I made of the supporting characters (one I inadvertently dropped before the middle of the book, another vanished a third of the way through, and there are others who are just sketches who shouldn’t be).   Maybe the problem with not having a clear lead will fix itself while I’m not looking.  More likely it won’t, but a girl can hope, can’t she?

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