Little Steps

During this past NaNoWriMo, I stumbled upon a local writers’ group, and by ‘local’ I mean genuinely localnot a two-three hour drive one way. So, I made it one of my mini-goals to check the group out.

It was a good idea. Everyone was welcoming, but not too welcoming…

…when total strangers are absolutely thrilled to meet me and fuss over me, it sets off my OhGodIsThisACultOrAreTheyJustDesperatelyShortOfVolunteersWhere’sTheExit? instincts…

…and I got an astonishing amount of writing done while surrounded by similarly busy people. Lively chatting was happening, sure, but everybody was being productive, too.  I’d natter about positive supportive vibes and the absence of energy leeches, but I’m just not that big a freak.

Anyway, I’m going back.  I also signed on for the goal setting/accountability subgroup, which will be meeting separately. I’ve even posted my writing goals for January.

January 2013

  • Draft 3 Original Short Pieces
  • Restructure Singing Down Sepia



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