Practice Fakes Imperfek

One of the tasks under this year’s “Be More Consistent” action item is “Update your journals and blogs once a week”. It complements the “Hate Less” action item by countering “you have multiple-year long gaps in your life documentation project, you failure“.

So, hi.  Happy Saturday. This blog is brought to you courtesy of last night’s brief conversation with young Master Donoghue about the virtues of practice (he was wondering why the Monster was at swim practice) and that it wasn’t just for kids, and not something that kids stopped doing once they became grownups.

I didn’t suggest that grownups could stop doing it, because I knew that there was a strong chance that my answer to why they shouldn’t would be something like “because they’d become vacant slugs whose sole purpose in life is reality television”, and then I would have Had to Explain, and @rdonoghue and @debela do not need that much potential amusement.  I love them, but I do not want to die in their house.

I’ve started roleplaying again.  That is, roleplaying in the same place, at the same time, in the same room where people (some of whom I’ve known for, er, uhm, a minimum of fifteen years and others of them longer than that) breathe the same air.  I haven’t done this sort of thing since … 2003? Yeah, I think it might have been 2003.

I’m rusty as hell. I’ll need some more cycles through the wash before the game mechanics feel comfortable and my character shrinks to fit…

Granted, I might have an easier time of the shrinky bit if I was playing true to trope; as a general rule, I shy away from ‘magic user’ type characters1, and I’m not doing that this time around. I figured, hey, since I’m essentially starting all over again with face-to-face roleplaying, why not try something different?

…but I’ll get there with practice.

1See Evil Overlord Rule #22.

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