Pew Near’s Ylan

While I was working on my New Year’s Plan this morning, my brain got invaded by another snippet from that messed-up story universe I was playing with earlier this year (herehere and possibly also here).

I think it’s trying to cast a vote for being included in that plan.

Be true to yourself.

Every time I hear that, I wonder ‘which one’?

I’m a number of different selves. Most of them get along fine, but there are some … yeah.  There’s one who is so selfish that I can’t be her unless I’m okay with crying and suffering from a splitting headache afterwards. I’m generally not okay with that, so the bitch sneaks up on me now and again.

She never has any reason.  She just wants to hurt.

I just want to stab her in the eye.

But maybe that’s her thing, y’know?  Could be she just likes pushing me toward the edge just to see if I’ll jump.

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