[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 26, Persistence is Foible

I’m sitting at 45,051 words right now, after a day where I put in 2,400 words (in about 2.5 hours) and the majority of the penguins are yelling “Are you sure?  You haven’t finished what you wanted to write about today!”.

The majority.  I think the rest are napping.  And I dread what will happen after Never (The Penguin of Self Doubt) finishes eating the truckload of marshmellows that have been dumped into his cell. Or maybe ‘dread’ isn’t the right word.

Yeah, I haven’t finished what I wanted to write about today, but I’m stopping while I’m ahead.  I do not want to hit 48,000 tonight and then find it magically impossible to push through the final 2K until it’s midnight on the 30th.

Not that it matters, but dang it, now that I’ve caught up, I might as well cross the finish line.

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