[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 24, Unexpected Progress

A funny thing happened over Thanksgiving.

I caught up.  At 2:35 this afternoon, I crossed the 40K deadline.  I got to 40,065, then backed the heck away from the story for the day.

I hadn’t planned to be able to catch up, but between long car rides, going to bed early in order to encourage the Monster to get the sleep he needed (which meant I woke up before everybody else), and having only sporadic Internet access…

…not that I’m certain the sporadic Internet access helped my word count, but it did keep me from doing anything (including holiday shopping) with a computer but write…

…I put in several 2K+ days, and at least one 3K+ day.  Or several 3K+ days and at least one 4K+ day.  I’m a little hazy on the details.

My daily required average is now down to 1,420 words.  I think I might actually be able to win this year after all.


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