[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 20, Always Check The Trash

Those of you who’ve been following along out there may remember that I ran into a wee spot of bother on Day 8, when I trashed my NanoDoc and had to rebuild it from four different files, none of which contained all of the text that I remember writing.

I got over that, got through that, and convinced myself that I’d probably just imagined writing the missing text.  Right.  I didn’t imagine it.  Early this morning, I found it on my desktop computer, stashed in the Recycle Bin in an innocuous document called “Document.rtf”.  I’m not sure why it was there.  Judging from the timestamp on it, I also doubt I was awake enough at the time I trashed it to remember why I did.

The document was just shy of 1,500 words, practically all of which I hadn’t managed to replace when I cobbled the NanoDoc back together.  I plugged them into the NanoDoc, started writing more words around them to make sure they fit, and when I looked up, I had put in another 1,000 words.  After this evening’s session, I was at 3,112, bringing me up to 29,308.

Yeah, this is less than a thousand words from 30K, but I am going to stop here right now.  That is, unless I get inspired later and … no, bad Shai.  You need to prep for Thanksgiving.

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