[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 19, Yarn Soup

Today was a work day (and another PT day, and a having-to-battle-with-grocery-store-during-Thanksgiving-week day), so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time on the NanoDoc.  No, I shouldn’t say ‘get to spend’.  I couldn’t get my brain working until after I’d cooked pineapple beef for dinner, watched Princess Bride for the umpteenth time with @bhoneydew, and suffered a torment of cuteness from the Monster after he lost his brand new pogo stick  (a.k.a. his new desk chair, which doesn’t roll, so he decided to sit on it, hang onto it and bounce about…

…I swear, he’s getting an exercise ball for his next chair).

Despite that, I was able to fish a bit of story thread out of the soup and weave it into the project.  The middle picked up another day of story time, and all told, I banged out 2,213 K words, making me at 26,196 total, and knocking my “words needed per day to finish on time” to just over 1,900 words.

Considering I’ve got some time off from work this week (and my cooking responsibilities are mostly done:  just need to make a couple pies), I might even be able to … okay, I’m not going to promise I’ll catch all the way up.  I’m quite okay with not winning this year.

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