[NaNoWriMo Update], Day of the Handbasket Jacuzzi

I hit 18,546 earlier this week, then stalled out.  It wasn’t that I’d run out of ideas, I’d just run out of mental buffer space — between work projects, the continuing work on the basement, the schedule shenanigans required by the new physical therapy regimen…

…my right rotator cuff is inflamed, thanks to repetitive stress injuries.  It made itself known when I partially dislocated my shoulder one fine morning a couple of months ago while preventing Monster from injuring himself by flipping over in one of our living room recliners.  The shoulder itself was fine.  That popped right back in, and just hurt like a mother for a couple of days.  The inflammation, though? Augh.  It’s gradually gotten worse, reducing my range of motion in that arm, and week before last, got to the point where I started waking myself up every time I rolled over on that arm.  Considering that I’ve just begun to get regular sleep, I decided I’d be damned if I’d let my own body start waking me up…

…and the Monster and my both coming down with a nasty stomach bug while @bhoneydew was out of town (fortunately, he didn’t get it), I didn’t have much brain left to be braining in.

I’m over the stomach bug, though, and the last one of the back to back trifecta of last minute work projects is done except for minor edits (and is going out the door tomorrow before I go to therapy), and I’ve sorted Thanksgiving, sorta, so … I was able to do some catchup.

I’m now at 23,983 words, having written lots since Friday (over 3K today)  It’s not the 30K that I’m supposed to have by the end of the night tonight, but I’ve gotten my required words per day back down to 2K, which makes me happy.

On another note, while this might be the only year in which I’ve done Nano that I haven’t won it (not that I’m going to give up), it’s so far the only time where I find myself enjoying the story I’m writing.

I say this in full awareness that I’ll probably start hating every word of it come tomorrow.

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