Ancient Annoyances

Last night, while I was doing the weekly clean out of my Internet shopping e-mail account, I found a notification of a comment that someone had made on one of my LiveJournal posts.  A 2002 LiveJournal post.

Yeah, the comment was spam.  At least I hope it was spam.  If it’s not, I’m truly sorry for trashing all the mash notes I’ve received from anonymous people who’ve claimed to have huge crushes on me, so much so that they’d made me an e-card that I really needed to go see. I hope it didn’t ruin y’all’s day, and if it did, maybe next time put a damn real name on the note so I can tell you how wonderful you are and forward @bhoneydew‘s latest list of things we need done around the house.  You’re in luck:  since we’ve moved to Virginia, “clear two acres of crap trees using only hand tools” is no longer on that list.

Frankly, I’d forgotten about the post.  When I re-read it, I remembered that I’d riffed it from a story idea that was plaguing me at the time.  I wrote the post, the idea went away and quit bugging me, and I got on with whatever else I was working on at the time.  Yeah, I don’t remember what I was working on at the time, but I’m pretty sure I thought it was more important than the idea.

Now the idea’s aggravating me again, and yeah, I have a few other things that I need to be working on.  And this stomach bug to get over.  And … et cetera.

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