[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 10, Picking Up The Pieces

This morning, I salvaged the four different versions of my NanoDoc from Thursday’s disaster by scraping the pieces into a new Scrivener file (I’m trying the ‘work on file locally and put backup file in the cloud’ technique, instead of saving directly to the cloud). By the time I got the pieces sorted out into scenes and the scenes in the right sequence, I’d spotted a handful of small plot holes that needed filling in, and while I was ranting about those to @bhoneydew, I stumbled across a rather large one.

Or maybe it’s better to say that I stumbled into it and had to write myself out of it. By the time I was done applying spackle, I’d added another 2,898 words to the NanoDoc. I’m now at 16,308, and back on track to finish by the 30th.

Now to pick up the pieces of everything else that got dropped yesterday. And this week.

Possibly this month. Quarter. Year…

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