[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 8, AAAAAGH Starts With A

Officially, I wrote 1,381 words yesterday, which puts me at 13,410.  Officially, I’m still on target to finish 50K by November 30th.


In reality, I have no freaking idea how many words I wrote.  How long I wrote? Sure.  An hour before work and an hour at lunch, and about an hour after work.  Not that it looked like writing.  I’m pretty sure those sessions looked a lot like…

Yesterday morning:  “Why is this file 1,500 words smaller than the one I saved last night?  Er.  Oh. Why is the time stamp on this file from yesterday afternoon instead of last night? … and the backup is of that file, too … AAAAAAAGH!”

At lunch:  “Okay, crisis dealt with, now … uhm, where’s that scene where … WHY is the word ‘father’ only turning up twice in the entire document? And where is the … I can’t believe this.  There are fewer words in this doc than there were before I fixed it!  AAAAAAAGH!”

Yesterday evening:  “There are four files!  They all have the same name!  They all have bits of new text!  AAAAGH! ”

The morning’s scenario was clearly pilot error.  The afternoon ones?  Ergh. See, I’m platform agnostic.  I write on Macs.  I write on PCs.  I write on my iPad and my iPhone (just like I used to write on my Blackberry and Palm Pilot and Handspring). I’ve been loving Folding Text on the Mac, and I’m beginning to think that Wordpad doesn’t love me any more.  At least, it ate that scene at lunch and other bits from the Folding Text generated file that I know I saved, comma, damn it.

Come to think of it, I imagine it’s also possible that my writing directly to a Dropbox folder instead of saving my documents locally then transferring them to Dropbox might be causing those problems (and my ongoing problems with Scrivener).

Anyway.  That was yesterday.  Today will be a better day.  Today will be a better day.  Today will be a better day…

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