[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 7, The 10K Overview

This morning, while I was printing out the NanoDoc (18 pages, in 10 point Book Antiqua, with 1″ top-bottom/1.25″ left-right margins), it occurred to me that I hadn’t explained why I was printing out the NanoDoc.

When I’m writing something that’s going to be longer than 10,000 words, I have the habit of printing it out after the first 10,000 words.  I check for missing information, note sections that need more description/transition…

…when I’m in a writing groove, I’m generally typing as fast as I can in order to keep up with the movie that’s playing out in my brain.  If you’d like something to compare it to, think of having to carry a bunch of suitcases while running after a train that’s leaving the station.  More often than not, I wind up dropping everything but my bag of dialogue and yelling OH NO YOU ARE SO NOT LEAVING ME BEHIND as I sprint after the train…

…and jot in any idea that comes to mind while I’m reviewing. Ideally, the ideas are about the missing information, description or transition, but since it’s my mind we’re talking about here, there’s no guarantee of that.

After I printed out the NanoDoc, I spent about an hour going through the first printed page. By the end of it, I had a page full of blue ink, and 1,104 more words in the NanoDoc, including the skeletons of three critical scenes, a sketch of a transitional one, three minor characters (two with a story thread that is tied to one POV character’s story, and directly supports the stories of the two others), and a scattering of environmental notes.

By the end of today’s writing (just finished another hour long session of review, inking, and typing), I’d demolished another page, and added a total of 2,196 words, putting me at 12,229 for the night, with some brain left over.

I like it when I have brain left over.

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