[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 5: Slow Names

I had grand plans of waking up before everyone in the house today.  That didn’t happen.  Monster also didn’t decide to sleep in, even though he was up later than usual last night and he was out of school today. Please tell me that this makes sense in some universe!

Despite this (and well, work), I did manage 1,682 words today, this barely above the recommended 1,667 daily quota.  I could write more before midnight, but I’m beginning to get a headache.  My brain can rapid shift only so much before it starts grinding gears.

I’m now at 8,357, with a decent chance of breaking 10K tomorrow.

My two nameless POV characters now have names, the third one now has a name for her race, and I gave names to a few geographical locations that I’d just been calling “Place N“.  This spawned some sketchy descriptions of those geographical locations, and some historical references that I was able to layer into some of the scenes I’ve been building.

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