[NaNoWriMo Update] Day 2: Cheezus Priesties

1,768 today, for a nice round total of 3,000.  Much of that involved a still-unnamed priest  having a very bad day.

I’d originally been over my goal of 2K but I realized (blearily, since y’all know when I got to sleep last night) that I’d been leaving in the questions to myself that I jotted down last night on my IPad when I should have been sleeping.  When I pulled them out and put them in the research file, I had 1,768.  It’s a respectable total, and OH HAI tomorrow is Saturday.  Tomorrow also begins the Monster’s having five days off from school (and the basement shenanigans continue), so we’ll see how that goes.

We got hot water back today, so I predict a Saturday of laundry and Nano, mixed up with running ethernet cable in the basement (since the walls are already cut open) and putting a new power supply in my PC, which decided to blow up during Sandy, despite its being shut down and turned off.  Yep.  Thank goodness for my MacBook Air.  And the IPad.  And my IPhone.  And steno pads.  And those large lined Post-Its.

One of these days, I’m going to put a Post-It of my writing into the Monster’s lunchbox instead of his usual lunchbox note. Poor kid will be staring at the cafeteria entrees wondering where the heck the ptarnelilin is and whether or not he’s supposed to eat the blue ones or mix them with the ashes of his enemies1.

Speaking of PC related disasters, I had another Scrivener freakout.  Before Nano started, I put my outline into Scrivener on my PC.  I saved the completed file to Dropbox.  When I opened it in Scrivener on my Mac, it crashed completely, corrupting the file.  This has been the second time that’s happened to me.  Fortunately, Scrivener crashes result in a number of .RTF files, so I didn’t lose my outline.

I pasted the outline into FoldingText (an app that Rob Donoghue suggested), and knock on bits, I haven’t had a crash since.

1Not an actual excerpt from the Nano project. Besides, everyone knows the red ones are tastier.

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