Invisible Hurricanes

Yep, there’s a hurricane coming. This is about a domestic one that made landfall yesterday.

I was supposed to do my first 5K yesterday. That didn’t happen:  @bhoneydew had to go out of town, I still haven’t found a Monster herder, and…

To be honest, I haven’t even been looking for a Monster herder.  It’s … well.  I can’t go into the reasons why it’s challenging to find a good one whom I can trust with him.

No, that’s not entirely true. I won’t go into the reasons. I am reluctant to go into the reasons. I do not like discussing the reasons. All of those are more accurate.

And, yeah, despite having had over a month to train for the 5K, I haven’t done a damn lick.  I couldn’t even make myself drive a mile and a half up the road and talk to someone about getting better shoes (for the record, I hate shoe shopping, so this is not a sign that I’m losing interest in an activity I enjoy).

‘Couldn’t make’ is probably less true than ‘didn’t want to make’, and even less true than ‘I was regretting what I’d come to regard as a rash decision to participate because while I support the goals of the organization that the 5K will benefit, I would rather not be publicly identified as a supporter or potential constituent, even if recalcitrance about such things was responsible for a number of Stackhouse situations in the past.’ 

So, yeah, I’m feeling a bit guilty over being relieved that yesterday didn’t go as scheduled (but obviously went as planned). Today, I’ll write a check and mentally beat myself up while I finish prepping for the not-so-invisible hurricane.

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