Matryoshka Days

So, it’s September. Scratch that. It’s almost October, which has been my favorite month of the year for as long as I can remember. In most places I’ve lived, October’s been the true beginning of fall (though in California, it often seemed it was the only month of genuine summer, and for three years in Pennsylvania, it turned out to be the only month of fall). And then there’s Halloween. I enjoy me some Halloween. Now that we’re back in suburbia and surrounded by young families, I fully expect that I’ll have a reason to stock up on candy…

…that will leave this house on Halloween Night as is proper.

…and decorate. Fear me (or weep for me).  I now own a glue gun. My sewing machine’s still in a plastic wrapped box, as it has been since the beginning of the year, but I Now Own A Glue Gun. I’m also getting the itch to crochet and embroider again, and I haven’t gone anywhere near doing either of those since we lived in New Jersey. So, maybe my MIL’s right.  She thinks I’m happier since we moved to Northern Virginia.

As I’ve said, all I know for certain is that I’ve been getting more sleep. The Monster goes to bed and goes to sleep and doesn’t get up in the middle of the night (and usually wakes up happy) and this has been a wonderful, wonderful thing, even if I’m still (usually) sleeping until the alarm goes off. Usually. There’ve been a handful of mornings where I was awake at some ridiculous hour, but it’s been just a handful, not every single morning.

The poetry has also stopped, hallelujah, or else it’s being diverted to this idea that started sneaking up the back of my head in late July and has gained enough traction during the past month-and-some to merit my making something out of it. By “gaining enough traction”, I mean that it’s being more persistent about trying to steal my attention away from other writing.

Last week, it flailed at derailing my making a shopping list. And later the same day swapped out “jarred Butter Chicken sauce” for “Shai, stop in the middle of the International Foods aisle for a while to jot some things down about me before you forget them”. 

Things are odd, yes, and sometimes tense (end/beginning of government fiscal year, still haven’t sold the PA house), but overall, life’s pretty okay right now.

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