“Transition”, the Soundtrack

Remember when I (half-) joked that I didn’t have anything to write about in the last Christmas letter, since we hadn’t moved in four years?

So, it looks like @bhoneydew will have a lot to write about in the next Christmas letter (it’s his turn), ’cause by some amazing coincidence, it looks like we might be … wait for it … moving.  Yes, I say ‘might’, even though my kitchen and dining room is full of empty moving boxes that are waiting for things to be shoved into them so they can be squirreled away in a storage unit while we implement the Pennsylvania side of the Plans What Are Afoot, ’cause, yeah, apparently Things Listen, so I’d better be all ‘might’ and ‘could be’ and ‘possibly’ and such, right?

Silly forces of darkness. I should bake them cookies.

Anyway, part of the deal around transitions for me is that I spend days or weeks/months of days waking up with a new song stuck in my head.  Unlike other times when songs are stuck in my head, I can’t get any relief from the Backstreet Cure.

The Backstreet Cure = Singing The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”. Aloud. Ideally in front of someone else. It works every single time for me — except when it doesn’t.

 I’m currently on Day #2 of the Transitional Soundtrack. Instead of just suffering in silence and all with this like I usually do … er, okay, it’s not actually suffering. A little aggravating, sure, especially when someone points out that I’m (usually) quietly singing along with the song in my head, and uhm, I haven’t, uh, noticed it.  Thank goodness that generally doesn’t happen in situations when I’m supposed to look professional. Generally.

By ‘professional’, I mean work and school related situations. I’m pretty sure most of the people I run into while I’m in grocery stores already think I’m crazy, and you guys already know I’m, well, me, so probably wouldn’t think that musical Tourette’s is a big deal, right?

 But!  Yes!  Sharing! That!

I’m going to start posting the list of songs here.

4-10 – Penguin Dance Mix of “Stereo Hearts” (Gym Class Heroes w/Adam Levine) and “Stronger” (Kanye West).

4-11 – “Lisztomania” (Phoenix)

4-12 – “The Age of Aggression (a.k.a. “Hail, Ulfric, the Killer of Kings”)” (Sven version, Skyrim soundtrack)

4-13 – “Moves Like Jagger,” Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera

4-14 – “Hush Little Mermaid,” Backyardigans (from Viking Voyage, Season 1, Episode 8)

4-15 – “Rumour Has It,” Adele

The song blitz stopped on the 16th, thanks in part to a nasty headache that persisted all day.

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