All That Can Be Said About Now

Yeah, I know, I’m posting on SOPA protest day.  Put me in the camp of people who think the protest will be about as effective as my taking a megaphone to Pillsbury headquarters and yelling “COULD YOU PLEASE TAKE EVERYTHING ARTIFICIAL OUT OF YOUR TOASTER STRUDELS?”.  Not that I have taken a megaphone to Pillsbury headquarters. I think.  What, have you seen me on the news lately?  I’ve been getting these darn headaches and losing track of time…

But, enough about politics. Not that this is all I have to say about politics, sure, but I’d rather not blather on about such things in a public forum.

So many people are getting paid to tell us what to think. What incentive  do I have to do it for free?

Writing’s happening. Got back to the project after the last post, went full steam ahead for about a week, then … yeah, let’s not discuss last week, but back on the horse again, and away we go.

Work is work. On that note, @bhoneydew can drive again, so the days of poking food at him while he was in non-stop conference calls have stopped for now.

The Monster rampages.  This should not be news.

Life’s happening. Liver chemistry’s better, despite the holidays — one bad measure’s dropped to normal values, and the others, while bad, are less so. Classes started back for me yesterday: let’s see if I can get through this math class this time, and, oh, hey, I also picked up a business law course because I’m beginning to get tired of relying on intuition and gut checks with some of the stuff I deal with at work, and, uhm, yeah, I got a lot of the holiday cards back because the Post Office says the addresses are wrong, so I’ve got to figure out what’s up with that, and, uhm — oh!   I started Pilates classes, because I got tired of staring at the mat and still-in-its-wrapper instructional DVD that I bought two years ago and haven’t used once.   And … that’s it for now.

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