Productivity Purée


Going back to Tomato Time has, as predicted, focused my productivity.

At home, the kitchen’s clean. Meals have been planned and shopped for and cooked and logged. Laundry’s been beat back to the hampers. One can see the surface of my desk. I started filing again, as in properly, with individual folders for each subject, rather than everything thrown into an accordion file with the year on it.

My personal filing went completely to crap after we moved here. I’m not sure why.

I routinely get called ‘organized’ and ‘detail oriented’. Muahahahaha. If they only knew.

I even finished the holiday cards.

But personal writing?


On the positive side, all of it’s been on the project I want to work on.

On the negative side, all of it since the 29th happened last night. Er, not all of last night. More like forty-five solid minutes last night, after I broke through the scene I was beating on during whatever episode of BSG @bhoneydew was rewatching…

…and yeah, I was failing not to be distracted by…

…and started flying through the next one go go go go, only to be derailed by an exhausted, potentially sick-though-we-hope-it’s-just-a-growth-spurt Monster’s stumbling downstairs and demanding snuggles. I provided snuggles, and got him back to bed. By the time he got back to sleep, I’d passed out.

On the bright side, I woke up at 4, which I haven’t been able to do for a while. So, off I go now to try to get a solid hour of writing in before I have to go be other people.

Other productive people, though.  Seriously happy about that.

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