Fumbling Toward Dichotomy

Where did October go?

The question’s hypothetical. I know where I was when October was flying by:  juggling work and home projects and spending the better part of three weeks’ perched in the back seat of a co-worker’s car with the iPad hacking on work projects while going back and forth between here and D.C. for one day down and the next day back workshops. I also did some panic shopping. Okay, a fair bit of panic shopping.

What? Huh? Christmas party? Multiple Christmas parties? Multiple work Christmas parties? You’re kidding me, right? You mean I have to wear stuff that helps suggest that I’m a fully functional socially well adjusted adult woman who knows how to put on pantyhose and get all festive with the cocktails ‘n shizzle? I haven’t had to do that since I left RWA! 

You’re not kidding.

RWA … it’s … never mind. Part of the other life.  No need to worry about it.

Yeah, I try to keep this life out of my work life. And vice-versa. It doesn’t always work.

Especially with the vice-versa, though I’ve been dragging my feet about signing up with LinkedIn. I do have a strictly work related Twitter account (@shailnorton) which I could probably should be better about using, though I’ve been told that folks at work may be reading the personal one anyway — ohgreat, and here I was trying to look professional.

 Hey, at least I haven’t joined Facebook.

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